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FranklyEd believes the key to success is through quality relationships; thus, developing a foundation based on mutual respect and targeted outcomes is essential to our success.

FranklyEd offers onsite consultation to school leaders and administrative teams through cooperative partnerships to promote the success of schools. Services provided to schools are in the form of an educational consultant or administrative support team member.

FranklyEd collaborates with school leaders in meeting the professional development needs of teachers, support staff, and mentoring/coaching for new teachers.

Our Services

Professional development sessions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of schools based on state and school standards, and evidence-based strategies. Sessions are engaging, practical, and planned with based the needs of the school and/or school teams in mind. Professional development topics vary and are not limited to the content listed:


  • Curriculum Development, Alignment, & Planning
  • Program Research and Implementation (STEM, 1:1 laptops)
  • Project Based Learning & Online Instruction
  • Instructional Support (Intervention, RtI, Classroom Management, Differentiated Instruction)
  • Special Populations (SBLC, IAP/504, Behavior Plans)
  • Google Classroom
  • Data Analysis & Scheduling
  • Team Building (Faculty/Staff)
  • PBIS & Engaging Classrooms
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • New Teacher Support (Mentoring/Coaching)
  • Leadership Team Support
  • Engaging Families


Alicia M. Franklin has twenty years of experience in education serving as a teacher, assistant principal, assistant director, director, principal, and principal of support programs with an emphasis on students with diverse needs and teacher evaluations. She has worked with students, teachers, parents, and community stakeholders in public, charter, magnet, and virtual school environments with diverse experiences in supporting a multitude of areas within a school and/or school district.

Trinard Franklin

Trinard Franklin

K-12 Technology Consultant
Ebony Francis

Ebony Francis

Education Support Specialist

Professional K-12 Educational Support you are looking for.


FranklyEd partners with schools and/or school districts by providing contractual or ad hoc services and support. FranklyEd provides guidance and support to meet the professional development needs of teachers, students, and administrative teams.

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